Stocks Coaching
Stocks Coaching

Price: $590.00

With this package, you'll learn the skills and techniques to trade Stocks like a professional

I'll show you how to:

  • Create a Trading Plan
  • Find Trades using your trading plan
  • Track your trades performance
  • How to Master Your Trading Platform
  • Analyze and Improve Your Trade Performance
  • Develop the necessary Trading Psychology to succeed in the markets

You will receive a downloadable copy of a trading journal that we will use to track your trades.

All sessions will be recorded and emailed to you.

100% satisfaction guarantee! If you are not satisfied after your 1st session, we will offer a full refund, no questions asked.

Session 1 - Creating your Trading Plan

Creating Your Trading Plan to help you reach your goals

  1. Trading Rules and Set-ups
  2. Determine your Risk/Reward
  3. Calculate your Trade Expectancy
60 mins
Session 2 - Finding Trades

Finding Trades using your paper trading account

  1. Drawing support and resistance levels
  2. Identifying patterns and set-ups
  3. Trade Execution: entering and exiting trades
60 mins
Session 3 - Tracking Your Trades

Tracking Your Trades using a Trading Journal

  1. Enter data for all your trades using your trading journal
  2. Tracking your trades using charts
  3. Calculating the expectancy and performance of your trading system
60 mins
Session 4-Master Your Trading Platform

Mastering Your Trading Platform

  1. Advanced Order Execution
  2. Mobile Trading From Your Phone
  3. Charting
60 mins
Session 5 - Improve Trading Performance

Improve your Trading Performance

  1. Trade Adjustments
  2. Advanced Patterns and Set-ups
  3. Developing a Trading Routine
60 mins
Session 6 - Trading Psychology

Trading Psychology

  1. The Proper Trader's Mindset
  2. Developing Discipline and Removing Your Emotions
  3. Emotion Free Trading
60 mins